Building strict order and procedures

Once a sequence of working procedures has been established, employees in the enterprise will know what to do and when to do it. Building a reasonable workflow, managers will not have to fall into the details and spend more time on larger and more important tasks.

Emphasize to the deadline

The deadline to complete the work is an important part of the business process. Also, if there are abnormal changes, it is necessary to adjust the details of the work process to be able to complete the work on time.

Make sure to assign the right person and the right job

Part of the workflow is to be sure to use the right person and the right job. At the same time, make sure everyone can work with the highest productivity.

Additional, reducing the load steps

In the process of reviewing work norms, if there are any jobs described in the description, but not yet included in any process, it is likely that the work is omitted, needs to be added, or vice versa. again. Therefore, additional steps need to be taken, while reducing excess steps in the process after careful review.

The language used in the process

There are many "languages" that describe the process. However, the most effective and intuitive tool is still flowcharts. Flowcharts allow users to interpret processes in the form of standardized symbols, describing operations that are small, specific and easily understandable by name and sequence of these operations. The operations are arranged seamlessly, making the process clear, logical and logical.

Suitable conditions of workers

We need to design the process under the specific conditions of each organization, following the quality and characteristics of human resources. We need to control the fluctuations in the process and ensure the quality and progress of the work.

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